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Personal Development Strategy Sessions

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No time or money for a life coach?  No problem!  

If you are struggling with feeling "stuck" in your life or battling with yourself over an important decision you need to make, you likely don't need life coaching.  But what you DO need is someone to help you make the best decision for YOU possible.  While friends and family can be an amazing asset for this, sometimes they have a preconceived notion about who you are and what they think you should (or shouldn't) be doing.  

I offer a neutral outlet for you to talk through what it is you're struggling with.  No expectations, no judgments, and no lengthy commitment of your time and money.  

I have developed a tried and true process called The 3D Method.  

1)  Discuss - We will discuss what is going on in your life, diving deep into daily habits and issues you are experiencing that you would like to work on. 

2)  Discover - We will discover where you would like to go with your life. This is the fun part of our session! 

3)  Decide - Finally, we will decide what actionable steps you will take to start moving toward your goals and priorities to finally get unstuck or make that hard decision.  

Some clients only need one session and some need more!  It just depends on you and your needs and goals.  Fortunately, sessions are only $47 and you won't need to sign up for additional sessions unless you want them.  These sessions are built for the busy woman who just needs a push in the right direction. 

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Personal Development Strategy Sessions

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"I left this call feeling empowered to move forward with the four things we talked about being a priority.  I discussed it all with my husband and feel excited instead of overwhelmed!"


"It helped me more than past therapy!"

- Gloria

"I was shocked at how much we accomplished in an hour!  I'm excited to start implementing what we talked about.  I am already recommending wendy to my friends!

- Gina

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