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Networking needs a facelift!

It should be fun without leaving you drained or feeling awkward.

Wouldn't it be great to have a place to keep all your networking connections to look back on and followup or give referrals?

That's why I created the first-ever

SLAM Networking Journal!


Does video networking drive you a little crazy and drain your energy?


 Do you feel the conversations can get to be one-sided so you don't truly feel like you get to know the other person or maybe you don't get to show your true self? 

How about those short awkward pauses in the conversation that are super cringeworthy because neither of you knows what to say next? 

Yikes! I hear ya! That's totally me too!  

Look, I'm a GEN-X'r who got in trouble in Jr High for passing around a SLAM-book...

remember those?

Questions on each page like "who's your secret crush" and people would sign in with a number and answer anonymously?

I got to thinking - what if I created a networking journal with prompts/questions that would provoke REAL conversation?

Questions that you could have fun with and get to know someone's personality. 



Now you can keep track of all your networking connections... 

ask and answer the questions on each page, and have an amazing way to build a relationship that doesn't feel phony or shallow!

Plus, when you follow up - you'll have all their answers to the questions to lead with a great personal sentiment.

SLAM Networking Journal

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  • Networking needs a facelift. 

    That's why I created the SLAM Networking Journal! 

    Purchase through this presale offer for Free Shipping!

    • Have more fun and feel less awkward with ideas and prompts for great conversations. 
    • Keep track of your networking connections.
    • Follow-up and referral prompts and ideas.