Complaint Free Business

Complaining is costing your business money!

78% of employees report wasting 4.5 hours every week listening to coworkers complain. Not only that, 1 out of every 10 employees quit their job due complaining coworkers. When businesses talk about employee retention, complaining plays a huge role.


Complaining keeps employees focused on the problem instead of working towards solutions. It also has the potential to create a toxic work environment. I bet you can think of at least ONE coworker right now that is a chronic complainer who can find a problem with every solution!


It's not too late! This is a problem that can be fixed!


Business executives and employees deal with hundreds of complaints on a daily basis — complaining coworkers, complaining customers, and don't forget family and friends too!


What’s wrong with complaining? (Chronic complaining’s destructive effects on health, relationships, and success)

What is (and isn’t) a complaint? (This will surprise and shock you)

The 5 reasons people complain (Remembered by the acronym G.R.I.P.E.)

How to get other people, and ourselves to stop complaining (Yes, it’s possible)

Positive leadership in a negative world (Building the best business you can with the resources you have)

Everyone will leave inspired, mindful of their own complaints, and motivated to approach complaining customers and co-workers with new, simple and effective strategies.

To help keep everyone accountable, they will also be introduced to the 21 Day Complaint Free Challenge. This will last long after your conference is over and everyone will start to see changes in both their personal and professional lives!

Could your audience benefit from becoming complaint free?

"I want to say thank you for Wendy's presentation at our conference last week.  I have had phenomenal positive feedback!" - C.P. with WRDA

A complaint free world

As seen on Oprah, Dr. Oz, The Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, People magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and more!


In 2006 Wendy left an abusive marriage and set out on a new journey to discover who she was. Along her path she found her passion for speaking and teamed up with Will Bowen to help share his vision of A Complaint Free World. 

As the only active Certified Complaint Free Trainers in the world, Wendy loves to bring humor to everyday examples of complaining.  She has since been appointed the Director of Certified Complaint Free Trainers.


"Taking the 21 Day Complaint Free Challenge changed my life! So of course I'm passionate about sharing it with the world!" - Wendy

Wendy is also the founder and creator of The Kindness Bucket Brigade.  This is a movement that began August 23, 2019, with the goal of recruiting 100 members to a Facebook group to help stop online bullying.  In just over 2 months, the group has grown exponentially to over 6200 members!  Find out more here:  


What Will Bowen, #1 Best Selling International Author, World Renown Authority on Complaining, has to say about Wendy Babcock, Certified Complaint Free Speaker

How To Sparkle Where The Sun Don't Shine Available on Kindle and Paperback! 


Watch Wendy

New Speaker Reel Coming January 2020

"Wendy was hilarious!"
"So Empowering!"
"Very Funny


Wendy does an amazing job breaking down everyday complaining and how to transform what you say and how you think! I absolutely loved it and will be doing the 21 day Complaint Free Challenge.

-Cassandra Jean Plunkett

Andrea C.    "Fantastic speaker for our employees. Engaging, funny and poignant material for both professional and personal life."
Wendy presented yesterday at our annual employee conference and it was a huge hit. Everyone said they enjoyed the training and Wendy was very engaging. Excited for Day 1 of my Complaint Free Challenge"
"Wendy is an excellent motivational speaker. Living in a complaint free world would be amazing and life changing. Sign me up!" - Natalie B.


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